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First activities UW clean up at the San Juan Festival with the Municipality of Mambajao.

As the only PADI accredited dive centre on Camiguin island, (known as "The Galapagos of South East Asia") JOHNNY'S DIVE 'N' FUN is the most professional and best equipped dive shop-dive centre and eco/adventure tour operator. Only the highest quality, latest model equipment is used in conjunction with experienced local guides and top-notch crew.

This winning combination and our total commitment to the customer provide an exciting experience at reasonable rates. Whether you're a seasoned enthusiast or a curious first timer, our dives, tours and treks are customized to meet your taste and timetable. Come share the beauty of 100% PURE CAMIGUIN!

While Mantigue marine life within the designated sanctuary rivals the legendary Apo island,  Verde island and Balicasag Islands in the Philippines, of all the places we have captured spectacular HD macro footage of marine life in the Philippines, never have we encountered so many odd and different amazing macro creatures than when we filmed the dive site called "Sunken Yacht". What we saw and shot footage of surpassed even Anilao in the Philippines. Not only did we encounter solitary examples of marine life we haven't seen elsewhere in the "The Coral Triangle", such as upsidedown jellyfish, carrier crabs protecting themselves by holding upsidedown jellyfish, emperor shrimp, spotted crabs commensal to ornate sea slugs, etc, but at "Sunken Yacht" dive site, we usually observed a combination of these animals on each dive along with frogfish, orangutan crabs, tiny Periclimenes shrimp, etc.
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CAMIGUIN ISLAND is known to the island "Born of Fire". It has seven volcanoes and several volcanic domes. Volcanic eruptions and land movements have created this spectacular island which is full of natural wonders and historical riches.